Breakfast Wrap: Best of the long weekend

After all that funky weather over the long weekend, and the temps dipping below the teens (Giz HQ is in Sydney, if you hadn’t guessed), I thought it a good morning for some tasty egg and bacon roll action. Mmmmm…

JVC launches 110-inch HDTV.
Or you could buy a projector? Okay, this TV isn’t for those poor on space.

A nuclear sub on the move – on land.
I cannot fathom this sucker cruising past my window.

PSP update rumours.
8GB memory on board? Slimmer profile? LED screen? Faster UMD?

Toshiba getting HD DVD into all notebooks by 2008.
That’ll be cool, but isn’t it crazy they could be the ONLY ONES? I mean, really, why is this next gen disc format taking so long?

Departed breaks 100,000 HD disc sales.
A first for next gen, though this is combo for both formats. Have you heard local stats for Q1 ’07 on disc sales? 512 HD DVDs, 5,078 Blu-rays… seriously, that is TOTAL.

Turtle Beach gaming headphones – 8 speaker hotness.
Front, centre, rear, and sub in each ear? Kick ass.

Melted MacBook looks like toasted marshmallow.
Thing is, it really does! Tasty…

Carnival ride used to make giant artwork.
Think spirograph, but gigantic!

Artwork features floating, wireless-powered lightbulb.
Like the cool MIT research on wireless power, plus some mysticism thrown in for good measure.

Stupid amounts of Apple WWDC keynote coverage.
I think we’ll be ignoring Apple for as much of the rest of today as is possible.