Breakfast Wrap: Best of Thursday Night


Quick cup of coffee to start the day. I promise I’ll eat a big lunch. Right now I just need the caffeine!

R2-D2 speakers.
They aren’t that good, but who really cares?

ESA to run space trips at $318k a throw.
Better than $20m+ via Russia, and the money won’t go to Richard Branson!

Oregon Scientific with yet another cool weather gadget.
Making an art form of mundane gadgetry.

More detailed follow up on the Monster cable testing.
Some interesting results – seems the mid-range cables could be the biggest rip-off.

Sanyo projector shoots big from right up close.
Clever stuff. Now just make it 1080p, yes?

Kodak working on new imaging sensor.
Never need a flash again? This could do a lot to return Kodak to photographic big time in the post film world.

Samsung 70-inch LCD with localised backlighting.
Smart LED backlight pushes contrast up to 700,000:1.