TPG close to launch on ‘naked’ DSL

naked-dsl.jpgWe heard new plans from Virgin last week for their HSDPA-based phone + broadband boxes, and TPG also threw down some good news for the “I don’t want no stinkin’ landline” brigade. Over on the Whirlpool forums, a TPG rep announced they want to introduce two naked DSL plans. Lovely naked ladies not included, except here now and then when we get the lamest excuses – next time we’ll run a guy with ripped abs, okay?

From the forum:

TPG would like to introduce ADSL2+ ULL plans.

ULL Plan includes data line and customers don’t have to subscribe Telstra copper line.

ADSL2+ All in One Basic | 25GB* (18 Peak+ 7 Off Peak) | $59.99
ADSL2+ All in One Super | 150GB* (35 Peak+ 115 Off Peak) | $79.99

*Speeds will be shaped to 64k/64k when download quota is reached.

Your opinion would be greatly appreciated.

Needless to say opinion is being shared. All I can say is I’m moving house very soon and I hope this goes live before I’m in need of a new hook up.