Breakfast Wrap: Best of Monday Night


There is still some more to spill out of the feedbag, but thought I’d whip out the Wrap to get you on with your day. Check back before this post again shortly to see the last bunch of items from overnight as I send them through.

Lots of new cameras announced by Canon overnight.
Oh, and one more. We’ll have local timings and pricing up shortly.

12V battery hack saves you big dollars.
Lots of small batteries hidden inside. Not as dangerous as you’d first think.

World’s smallest camera, pervert’s dream.
One of those funky snake cameras from your fave stealth game/movie.

Samsung UFO phone does HSDPA at 7.2Mbps.
Where available, of course, but nice to see arriving, and looks good too.

Video of 1870s monocycle in action.
More of that awesome old school cycling style!

Paramount and Dreamworks Animation go exclusively HD DVD.
Quite the shot in the arm for HD DVD!

HD DVD paid $150m to studios for “promotional consideration”.
Sorry, who gave who the shot in the arm there? My mistake.