Breakfast Wrap: Best of Monday Night


62-Year-Old Man Attempts Hara-Kiri By Jumping From 25 Miles Up
So passionate about falling that dude’s willing to spend $13.25 million. To fall.

Videoconferencing On The iPhone Now Working, Wins Iron Coder’s First Prize
Has anyone heard of this iPhone device that keeps making headlines?

Exciting NASA Air Competition Full Of Dull Planes
It’s comforting to see that American tax dollars are as well-spent as our own.

Polk Audio SurroundBar50 Gives You Surround Sound In One Very Long Speaker
Hmmm…but does it look as impressive as a shit-load of speakers?

Woman Puts Diamond Engagement Ring in Blender, Pushes Ice Crush Button
Diamond + Blender = Match made in heaven. And a thousand apologies for the pathetic pun.