Breakfast Wrap: Best of Tuesday Night


Back to a traditional wrap to eat this morning. A quick list to get you hopping about this winter’s morning. Those of you up in the tropics can go bugger off with your pleasant winter weather!

Futurama back in November as a feature film.
Direct to DVD. It ain’t no Simpsons.

Anti-GPS tracking device for your car.
Shake off those spies with a lighter plug-in!

DeLorean going back into production!
I know there is one of the originals in Melbourne – one of the Saw guys bought one with their horror movie millions.

Titanic Lamp sinks into the table.
Dead sexy. What is it about warped house fittings?

Unconfirmed: new iPod nano next week?
Said to add video playback, and be called iPod Touch. Probably a lowercase ‘t’.

Laser printers could be harmful like cigarettes.
The open plan office: mine shaft work hazard for the new millenium?

New solar cell efficiency record!
42.8% beats 40.7%, natch.