Galleries: Yep, they’re starting to pop!

You may have noticed the odd gallery from the US site starting to appear locally since late last week, rather than just the link back to the original gallery. And in the entirely impartial opinion of this Editor of this AU edition, I’d say that our gallery code beats all layers of pants off the US style.

This is all thanks to our ubermonkey, Kaan, and his undefeated ten-fingered coding techniques. The occasional sad, simple link is still slipping through here and there, but we’ll have it all sorted real soon for your photo gallery viewing pleasure.

FYI, other Giz AU projects in the works include better commenting stuff, polls, and more clever backend stuff that will free up extra time for me to write more local spots. Thanks for joining the party so far – we’ve only just begun! If you have any cool ideas for us to add to our list of “kewl ideas wot we want 2 make appen”, throw us a comment below or at the tips line.