Breakfast Wrap: Best of the Tuesday Feed


Radiohead still shuns iTunes, sells full albums DRM-free.
They really are an ‘album’ group, so I can understand. And 320kbps MP3 is hot!

Amazing gavity defying beta gel cushions 72-foot egg drop.
You can’t break the laws of physics, just bend them a long way…

Scientist designs real-life wall-crawling Spidey suit.
It’s all about sticky carbon nanotubes.

Bungie guys drive Warthog replica into building.
I’d get a little over excited too.

Jobs confirms 3G iPhone for 2008.
Q: Would you prefer a 2G iPhone now? Or wait for a 2nd gen 3G version at AU launch?

Hot tub with 61-inch HDTV built in.
If you have this sort of cash, any chance you could flash $100k or so my way?