Breakfast Wrap: Best of the Weekend

Hope you had a good one. Maybe you knocked over some work in prep for a big week of Halo 3? Whatever you did, here’s what went down on Giz.

Broomstick arcade successfully combines Wii and DS concepts in one.
Broomstick for riding, touchscreen for ‘casting spells’.

Software guru rips Apple for cashing in on closed systems.
Profiteering when you’re already in the money rarely goes down well.

Mobile makers agree in single charge plug standard.
It’s micro USB! Can they please agree to this as a standard PC interface as well?

Google to lay own transpacific cable.
Meetings for this plan have actually been going down in Sydney.

PS3 Dualshock 3 tech same as Dualshock 2 tech.
Sony caves to pressure for rumble, but still won’t play nice with Immersion.

Apple store voiding warranty on unlocked phones?
Reset before return – if you can manage to return it from here.

Ishikawa-Namiki Komuro preparing ‘sight’ system for the blind.
Haptic array of ‘optical-hair modules’ to wear on the skin.