Breakfast Wrap: Best of Wednesday Night

NASA develops inferno-proof chips.
Imagine overclocking one of these babies!

Microsoft mobile memory mouse stores 1GB.
Converging things you never thought of converging.

False hacker poses as iPhone Dev Team Unlock Author, Tries to grab $50,000 donation.
Aussie unlock resellers were caught up in this, though it seems they’re back to delivering the IPSF software people foolishly pre-ordered and paid for because they were itchy pants gadget fiends…

Urban aeronautics to sell fancy helicopter they’re calling a ‘flying car’.
Still need a pilot’s license, so that hardly makes it a car. But hey, still cool.

New hard drive sensors to increase disk density by 5x, read times by 10x.
Because too much storage is NEVER ENOUGH! Big disks ahoy!

Odds a firmware update will relock your iPhone: very high.
At least now it’s free, you aren’t really risking anything (except a bricked iPhone, perhaps?)