Stream Hi-Def Video To Your TV Through The Powerlines, Avoid Tumors

Billion BiPAC 2070 (small).jpgOkay, we’re not saying that wireless technology gives you tumors. The jury’s still out on that one. What we are saying is that rather than go through the painful process of setting up a wireless network to stream you’re Hi-Def porn collection illegally bittorrented home movies (the only legal type in Australia, really) from your PC to your TV, why not try streaming it through the powerlines?

The Billion BiPAC 2070 (sounds like an evil robot from the future) is a 200Mbps Ethernet over power plug that lets you stream content through the copper in the walls rather than the air. Because it’s so fast, there’s no need to worry about buffer streams or interference like you would with a wireless router.

You get two HomePlugs in a box for $229, which automatically creates an extended network. Grab a couple more for different rooms of your house and anybody can log onto your new super fast ADSL2+ network as well.

Of course, to stream your video, you’ll still need a separate box, like an Apple TV or a Netgear EVA8000. But as far as setting up a home networks go, this sounds about as easy as plugging in a powerpoint. Stay tuned for a review in the coming weeks.