Dealzmodo: Microsoft Office Is Like… Putting Petrol In Your Tank?

office fuel.png
Fuel’s expensive. I paid $1.80 per litre for diesel the other day – it was like mugging my own wallet. The only thing that left me with that same feeling of being financially raped was when I first held the LG Prada phone – and that didn’t even cost me any money.

Another thing that’s quite expensive is Microsoft Office, especially when you look at Google Docs and Open Office. To help ease the financial burden that Microsoft’s software package will create, they’ve decided to offer customers a $40 fuel voucher for anyone who purchases pretty much any of their Office suites.

The offer is valid for boxed copies purchased from May 1st 2008 up to 31st July 2008, and the fuel voucher is a StarCash Card redeemable at any Caltex or
Ampol outlet, where EFTPOS facilities are available and operational. To get your voucher, you just need to redeem it by going here.

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