Hema Navigator Tells You Where To Go Offroad

hema navigator.jpg

You hear a lot of stories about satnavs taking people the wrong way down one-way streets or off an embankment where there’s no road. But what do you do if this happens to you? Well, if Hema Maps have their way, you’ll be using their upcoming Navigator satnav to get back on the road via a bit of off-road action.

The navigator is a product from Australian-owned Hema Maps. It uses their expertise in off-road mapping to create a satnav that can be used anywhere. The hardware is provided by VMS, the same company behind the first in-car satnav.

The features list is pretty long:

  • 4.3 inch sun-readable touch-screen and 20 Channel GPS Receiver
    • Route 66 Street Navigation with voice guidance, containing the latest NAVTEQ data PLUS it’s the first to contain the new Hema off-road data. So voice nav that doesn’t stop at the bitumen.
    • 2GB SD card is included preloaded with all the maps from Hema’s bestselling Australia 4WD Raster DVD, which includes over 30 Hema regional maps and 1:250,000 topo coverage for all of Australia.
    • Has Ozi Explorer and Memory Map software pre-loaded.
    • 12v, 240 v power supplies plus a USB cable for updates and overseas mapping.
    • Comes with a leather-look vinyl carry pouch.
    • Strong and adjustable windscreen mounting.
    • The user will be able to add their own maps as long as they are compatible with Ozi Explorer or Memory Map (includes ECWs).
    • Simplicity: it has been designed to plug and play, with default settings for Ozi Explorer.
    • Will feature Australian-based tech support on phone and web.

The Hema navigator should hit shops in mid-June for $990. Which isn’t too bad a price for an option that will keep off-roaders very happy. The biggest question though will be just how intuitive the UI is – a solid UI is what makes or breaks a satnav. Hopefully this little Australian model will have what it takes to take on the likes of TomTom.

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