Is That A Moto Q’s Extended Battery In Your Pocket, Or Are You Just Happy To See Me?

q battery 1.JPGYesterday I was angry with Motorola – when I left home to go to a meeting in the morning, my Motorola Q said it had a full battery. On the train I received a phone call, and after four minutes the phone started beeping at me like a bitter ex-wife that its battery power was dangerously low.

Fortunately I happened to bump into some of the lovely folks at Motorola at a PR event last night and after telling them my plight, they introduced me to the Moto Q’s extended battery.

While they couldn’t tell me the cost (never fear, Gizmodians – I am chasing that up now), they did tell me that it’s available now. I’m also trying to track down some stats on the battery – you know, like talk time and standby – so we can all make an informed decision about whether or not the extra bulk (it adds about 5mm depth to the battery compartment) is worth it.

For me, considering how thin the Q is anyway, I don’t think I’ll mind the 5mm Quasimodo hump for a big boost to battery life. But what about you guys? Would you be interested in a chunky battery for longer talk time on your mobile (even if it’s not the Q)? Let us know in comments.

UPDATE: Motorola have informed us that “Motorola is currently offering an extended battery with any purchase of the MOTO Q. This is a limited time offer, while stocks last. Extended battery valued at $44.95”.

Here’s another pic:
q battery 2.JPGAnd one more, just for good measure:
q battery 3.JPG