Breakfast Wrap: Best Of The Long Weekend

breakfast-horse.jpgHope you all had a great Easter Long Weekend. Huzzah for two consecutive 4-day weeks, hey?

AP Threatens to Sue AP Affiliate for Embedding Official AP YouTube Vids
Yep, they sure do get this new online craze.

France Slaps Down Proposed Anti-Piracy Bill
Mon Dieu!

Take the DBAG: The Dirty Bastard Aptitude Geek Quiz
Ewww, How gross are you?

Pumping Iron in Zero Gravity Aboard the ISS
This is how heroes are born.

Monster Cable Sues Monster Transmission, Ensures Spot on DBag Company List of ’09
Yes, Monster Cable are still a bunch of dickwads.

Panasonic’s 50″ TCP50G10 Plasma Reviewed (Verdict: Kills Most Of The HDTVs On The Market)
Plasma’s still got it!

Survey: 100% of Teens Want an iPod; 0% of Teens Want Any Other Player

Ouch! Glad I don’t work for anyone competing with Apple.

Sony in Talks to Offer Free, Full-Length Movies on YouTube
Although probably not in Australia…

Bluetooth 3.0 Is Wi-Fi Fast, Arrives On April 21st
I want to tell you that this is really exciting, but it’s not, really.

Dell Adamo Full Review: Macho Outside, Sissy Inside
Enough said…

Leaked Artwork Reveals Touchscreen Zune HD
Pity 0% of the world’s youth are interested…

How To: Manage An All-Lossless Music Library With iTunes
Tip! Buy more storage.

NASA To Reveal ISS Node Name On Colbert’s Show This Tuesday
It would be funny if they named it the “Jon Stewart”.

Commercial Times Puts Twist on Next-Gen iPhone Rumours, Claims Multiple Versions
An iPhone for the rest of the world?

Plus! There’s heaps more – why not spend your day browsing through?