Almost Everybody In The US Is Still Using Dumbphones

There’s a lot to pull out of this chart. Like, are AT&T’s abysmal Android numbers compared to other carriers solely due to the iPhone? The bigger takeaway, maybe, is that there’s a lotta people left to be converted to smartphones.*

Which is something we usually forget. But let’s chomp on some prickly iPhone/Android questions that will really only be answered after the iPhone launches on Verizon:

1. Are AT&T’s abysmal Android numbers because people have the option to get an iPhone? Or is it because they’ve had the worst Android phone selection all along? (Do non-iPhone users avoid AT&T more than other smartphone seekers? )

2. Are the other carriers’ Android numbers that high because Android phones are the best smartphones they’ve got? (In other words, how many of those Android users would be/would have been eaten by the iPhone, had it been available on their carrier?)

3. What’s the iPhone gonna do to Android’s share on Verizon?

The next few months are gonna be interesting. [Bits]

*Even considering that a fair number of the blue people are using BlackBerrys.