It’s About Time: Up To The Minute TV Guide Arrives On TiVo

Finally, we’ll all be able to tell when the show ‘actually’ ends and not be fooled by a BS estimate provided by the networks. The data will provided by all the Aussie major networks including Nine, Ten, Seven and the ABC. SBS is notably absent from the press release. Channel 9 had been holding out, but now they too have got in on the act.

Sure, we’ve all known for years that most of the popular prime time telly shows go habitually past their printed time slots. Traditionally, TV time slots were posted in 30 and 60 minute slots, with times posted as close to these clock cycles as possible.

TiVo had this bit to add:

An “Up-to-the-minute” EPG displays the announced airtime (within 1 minute) of when the broadcaster intends to air the scheduled program. Actual air-times may still vary if the broadcaster has an unannounced program, re-schedule or cancellation (for example, in the event of breaking major news).

Look, it’s nothing earth shattering, but it might make it easier to schedule shows when you’re recording one or more at the same time on multiple tuners. I also hope that Foxtel’s IQ2 boxes pick up the new programme data too. Sure, you can leave a 20minute buffer, but it’s a real pain to record multiple shows at the same time slot, especially when the networks know well in advance when their specific shows will start and end.

We’ll leave to Giz readers to ultimately decide: will up-to-the-minute programming changes make a difference to the way you watch TV?

[via TiVo]