NES + Too Much Alcohol = 8-Bit Breathalyser

We love it when crazy ideas like this come to fruition and given our love of all things 8-bit, this takes the cake. An electrical engineer got hold of a regular NES cartridge and loaded it with a breathalyser, then fashioned it into a game that scores points off how smashed the players ultimately get…

Engineer Batsly Adams, who also wrote the code for the game, purchased the breathalyser from a hardware store (the last time I checked they don’t sell those at my local Bunnings) and with the help of some awesome music by Kris Keyser, created DrunkenNES, the only game that potentially gets better as you progressively sink into a pool of your own vomit.

The game works by giving you a score based on your alcohol reading, which I’m pretty sure won’t be available for the Nintendo Wii anytime soon. Sorry Kids.

[via MotherboardTV]