This Week’s Top Web Comedy Video: Dick Wiener’s Name Changery

It’s a long weekend (in the US). (Yeah!) What better way to kick it off than to watch some poor souls attempting to cope with terrible names from cruel, cruel parents? Good thing there’s Dick Weiner’s Name Changery, which provides the perfect remedy!

The rest of the week’s top comedy videos can be seen over at SplitSider. This time, we’ve got a dash through New York, a talk among Real Men, some good ol’ Will Ferrell, and the quest for a baby’s face.

Other highlights from the week in comedy:

We reviewed The Hangover Part II.

-We dove deep into the just-completed season of Saturday Night Live, handing out superlatives and looking at the individual contributions of each cast member.

-Two teaser trailers for The Muppets were released.

-Eugene Mirman took out some rage on Time Warner Cable via a full-page ad in a number of newspapers.

-Amy Poehler gave a touching class day speech to Harvard grads.

-We looked into some comedy sequels that never saw the light of day.

These Bridesmaids deleted scenes feature way more awkward Jon Hamm sex than you can probably handle.

-We rounded up the 10 best recurring characters currently on TV.

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