Threadless Is Selling A $US300,000 T-Shirt

No, that’s not a typo. One of the Internet’s most popular geeky t-shirt destinations has a T-Shirt that’ll cost you $US300,000 to own. Now that’s what I’d call a limited edition.

It’s not that Threadless’ owners have suddenly become money-grubbing leeches; the $300,000 T-Shirt — and a range of shirts starting at $US18.57 up to $US75,000 — are all designed to raise money for UNICEF’s relief efforts for children. Threadless states it’s sending 100% of the donation to UNICEF.

Each T-Shirt contains the image of the goods that the equivalent amount of money would help buy. So $US36.10 will buy deworming tablets, and you get a deworming T-Shirt. $US500 will buy a water pump, and so on. You can’t actually add the $US75,000 (100 Metric Tons Of Corn) or $US300,000 (Cargo Flight For UNICEF) T-Shirts to a regular checkout basket, but if you’re feeling generous, the $US3064.82 (Motorbike) T-Shirt can be purchased outright.