Shooting Challenge: 32 Shots Of Near Things

We got a huge response to our call for near shots in this week’s shooting challenge. Inside you’ll find everything from Space Invaders to Jeep controls, teeth to toes. Click through to see all 32 reader-submitted photos.

Neil Stent

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Canon 7D
Sigma 8-16mm

ISO: 100
F 10

Low shot and close, that’s about it.
Black and white image, slight HDR effect to bring out more detail.

No spot remove as seen, I like to keep my photos natural as possible.

Photo taken at Cockatoo Island graffiti exhibition, It’s still on till December 11. Get down there and see it if you have not been. And its free 🙂

This car was playing some nice sounds from the cool DJ!

Oh yeah, you can see me and the lens in the image 🙂

Shaun Bell

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After looking at the Gizmodo Shooting Challenge, I decided to try out my new iPhone 4S’ camera. Looking around for inspiration, I decided to test how close I could actually get to my subject using my phone’s camera, and I saw one of those dried scented flower things and gave it a shot. This was the outcome. I used an iPhone 4S and the Camera+ app to give it a tilt-shift look.

Luke Taylor

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Canon PowerShot S90

Was out and about in Melbourne yesterday with a mate. Went to the Tutankhamen Exhibition at the Melbourne Museum. Saw this in the park near the Museum and thought that instead of the fountain, which would be a ‘Far’ shot, I might take a picture of the flower in the ‘near’ instead.

Kim Louey-Gung

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I was walking around St Kilda taking photos when I noticed the bees working in the flower bed. I use a Canon 550D with a Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8 L USM Lens.

Focal length 70
F stop 4.5
Shutter 1/320

Robert Billing

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It’s not the shot I wanted, but that is generally the case with kids, and mine are no exception. I put them on our front lawn and tried to get them to almost touch noses. Molly was great, playing with the flowers. Blake was being typically controlling and then quickly quit work when it became apparent just how wet the lawn was from the soaking rain the day before.

For this shot, I used my Canon 30D with an old 100-300mm lens. I set the aperture as wide as I could and had the camera on a low tripod about 5m away. I resisted editing the photo, so this is straight off the camera.

Yannick Morin-Rivest

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Sony Nex-5 200mm ISO-800 f 6.3

I was visiting Rottnest Island in WA for the first time with one of my mates when we came face to face with a peacock. I managed to get close enough (after some time) to snap a nice close-up shot.

Sean O’Sullivan

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I snapped this after a few “obvious” shots of me, my camera and a mirror, my son was asking what I was doing, I told him I was taking pictures of things near me, he is near and dear to me. And he thinks the same way about me too.

I really like how he appears to rise out of the background, with it’s contrasting sides, and who can go past the beauty of the human hand?

Sony a65 1.8/50mm ISO 1600, f 2.8 Shutter 1/160sec

Michael Moore

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Camera: HTC Desire S
A sculpture of spirit levels. Capturing near and far. Also, not using any kind of macro mode by using a large replica of a small object, these things are about 4m wide.

Jeff Smith

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Space invader on a CPU
Equipment: Canon EOS 500D with 100mm F/2.8 macro and Kenko extension tubes
Exposure: 30 seconds at F/16

Taking apart an old laptop today, I scavenged everything that was still usable including this CPU.
With a red LED torch for a bit more colour, the space invader on the bottom of this T5450 is something that was never really noticed before now.

Matt Stokes

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Taken using a Canon EOS Kiss X4 (550D) with a 50mm lens. F 1.8, Shutter 1/400, ISO 400

It had been raining consistently in Sydney for the past week, and I was over at my girlfriends house with my camera to take some photos of flowers for a remake of her room. I had just bought a 50mm lens off the internet and I had not used it yet. We were sitting at the table and saw this snail attached to a re-usable shopping bag. We picked it up and placed him on the nearest leaf outside which was soaked in water and shot him.

Martin Calderon

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Sony A390 18-55mm@50mm 1/125 @ f5.6 cropped and adjusted in Lightroom 3.

This is an image of some of the controls from a 1972 Jeep flatbed that now spends it’s days as the Freemans fruit stand on the road between Currumbin Valley and Murwillumbah. I’m told it was bought new and has served the owners well ever since, although seeing as there are currently a couple of plants growing out of the vents on the hood and a pole through the bumper, you would have a hard time getting her to go anymore. Stop by for a great deal on some avocados if you’re driving that way.

Michelle Fewings

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Went for a drive on Sunday via an enjoyable road into the valley. Some very nice sweeping bends and hair pins. While down there, I cracked out the camera out and took a few shots. I used my Panasonic Lumix DMC-FS7, nothing special.

Will Dinn

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I was out taking photos in the city when I was about to cross the road and this idiot ran a red light and flew in front of me about a metre from me. I snapped a photo as quickly as I could and tried to convey how close he came to me in the photo, not sure how accurately that is shown.

Canon 50D, EF50mm F/1.8 II
F/4, ISO250, 1/200sec

Sangeetha Selvananthan

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Camera: NIKON D90
Lens: 60mm
F Number: 16
Shutter Speed (Exposure): 1/500

This is a photo of my three-year-old son’s toes. It was his first trip to Broadbeach, Gold Coast. The beautiful white and soft sand, were such a pleasure for my son. The little speckles of sand on his small toes, made me grab the camera for a quick shot before he ran away.

Will Lawler

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I was in Adelaide for a conference and drove up to the Barossa Valley for the weekend to drink all the wines there. During my travels, I came across this rooster who was so much fun to photograph, mainly because he looked like he was going to attack me at any second.

D7000, Nikkor 18-200 @ 200, f/5.6, 1/160, ISO 100

Joseph Buhagiar

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I’m not a pro, This was taken on my iPhone. I was playing with my beagle Jack and taking photos. One of the problems I have with him is that he always wants to sniff. Near is never a problem with him.

Vanisha Nand

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So, I’m not one for religion, but my best friend gave me this for my 17th birthday, and I’ve treasured it ever since. It’s a deity of the Indian god, Hanuman.

Shot with a Canon Digital Ixus 95 IS
Settings on Auto.
Added more contrast and shadow, and unsaturated a tiny bit on the editing of the photo.

Hope you like it!

Matt Krumins

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Shot with the Panasonic GH2 with 45mm PanaLeica lens, this photo is a macro shot of a starfishes skin. Victoria is not well known for its diving, but it has some amazing dive sites and some really kookie creatures. To give you an idea of size, the spikes on this guy are around 3-4mm long. If you’re interested in checking out some of Victoria’s other dive offerings, check out ‘Deeper Than Diving UW photography’ FB Page (oh come on… who wouldn’t try and plug their page…

Sam Broomby

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I’m a geek at heart, so I guess taking a photo of my new Kindle was my first thought. So I grabbed my Galaxy S II, I was experimenting a little with automatic settings (ISO-80, shutter speed – 1/17 of a second). And then I did a little cross-processing with Photoshop. This is the final result.

Pete Aitchison

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Canon 60D
Exp 1/30
ISO 3200 … was getting dark

Was interesting to actually go out and look at things that otherwise you’d take for granted as just ‘a thing’. I appreciate that opportunity.

These spirals are the springs of a plough we have sitting aside till needed again. All the weight of the sowing rests on these springs, figuratively and literally. I kind of thought the circles felt like the year-round circle of life for the paddocks, and this old plough is the nucleus that really has been going on for mankind for millennia. It’s probably one of the oldest tools for our survival. We’re just one family to harness it.

Nick Rees

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Taken with a Nikon D90. Lens = 18:200, Aperture = 5.6, ISO = 800, shaft speed is 1/4000.
This photo was taken looking up at a windowsill of an apartment several stories above in Hosier Lane, Melbourne CBD. This photo can be very deceiving as it is unsure of what angle it was taken. The colour is beautiful and the sunlight through the leaves shows so much shadow and detail.

Joshua McFarlane

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Canon EOS 550D
ExposureTime – 1/640 seconds
ISO – 100
ExifVersion – 0221
ApertureValue – F 6.44
FocalLength – 42 mm
Lens – 18 – 55 mm (1 mm)

I just got back from Griffith where I was visiting my grandparents, and I went back to the old train line that my cousins and I would play on. Only now we know how dangerous that was.

Srinivas Karthik

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The size of the flower is slightly bigger than a 10c coin. This is one of my very first near shots, captured on a cloudy summer day. This photograph was captured by Nikon D3000 with its stock 18-55mm lens.

Hugh McKellar

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Shutter = 1/200
ISO = 400
Focal Lens = 53mm
Onboard flash On
Camera Canon 400D

I’m growing some sweetcorn in my inner Sydney courtyard. The plants are just being to tassel (flower). I quickly grabbed a shot looking up into the first sunshine of the week.

Mitch Ison

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I’ve use a Nikon D3100, 18-55mm Lens without flash. This particular photo was taken right in the middle of a storm.

Chris Rigg

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My daughter lost her first tooth a couple of days ago, which happened to be her birthday as well. She was well-chuffed (happy) because all her friends have lost umpteen teeth and she thought there was something wrong with her. To see someone so happy about losing something was strange in itself.

Panasonic DMC G3
1/60 sec
ISO 800
No flash

Dani Thornton

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Sony a200, ISO 100, f/13, 1/125

I was out with my girlfriend exploring our new beach (we just moved to Adelaide from England… greatest decision EVER!!!!) and saw how awesomely close the clouds were in comparison to where we used to live. Had my new sunnies on and after several attempts, we managed to get the right shot. Bit of colour editing backstage, and baddaboom!!!

Judith Kula

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This is a photo of my very regal feline named Templeton.

He does not believe he needs to strike a pose for the camera as he knows that his every angle is perfect.
He beckoned me (his slave) to take this ‘side on’ photo whilst I had my Canon 50mm f1.8 lens in my hand as his eyes looked as blue as the water in Santorini.


Rosemary Powell

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My wife took this with her brand new Galaxy phone. That and the metadata you can glean from the pic is all I can offer by way of specs. That, and she grew the strawberries herself.

Jake Kula

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This is my dog Bruce who loves coming inside the house. This is an example of him getting to come in (after my wife and I got home from work) and savouring the moment by flopping onto the ground in contentment.
Equipment used:
– Canon EOS 1000D
– Lens: Canon 50mm f1.8

Chandra Bala Ganesh

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Camera: NIKON D90
Lens: 70-210
F no: 5.6
Exposure: 1/60

Watching the tiny hands colour pictures is a joy.

David Dale

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Tongue of a Blotched Blue-Tongued Lizard (Tiliqua nigrolutea) a seasonal visitor to my backyard.
Nikon D700, 50mm (with extension tube), ISO 280, 1/200th sec, f2.5, Taken 28/11/2011.

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