Melbourne’s Southern Star Wheel To Get ‘World First LED Lighting System’

Does Melbourne need a 120m-tall observation wheel? The troubled attraction opened in 2009, shut down after cracks were spotted, and fixes were still underway last November when strong winds broke holds and the spinning wheel almost killed workers. But now, reports CNET, the engineers behind the London Eye have been brought in for a new design featuring 21 glass cabins and 3.6km of LED lights.

Arup, a renowned worldwide structural engineering firm, have extensive experience in the design of the only two other giant observation wheels in operation in the world, the London Eye and the Singapore Flyer. Representatives from their London office are part of the Melbourne based team working on this project.

• Southern Star reaches 120 metres high in the sky – equal in height to a 40-storey building.

• Relax as you travel through the sky – the Southern Star rotates at 11 metres per minute. That’s about twice the speed of the three-toed sloth.

• Designed as a 7 pointed star, you’ll notice more 7 pointed stars on the Australian flag.

• Enjoy 360° panoramic vistas and see up to 40 kilometres from top – peer down into the City then across Victoria to as far as the Dandenong Ranges

No official word on when the Southern Star will reopen, but some sources suggest it could be by year’s end. [Southern Star via CNET SmartPlanet]