Wi-Fi Controlled LED Tubes Make For Easy Office Upgrades

By creating these lights with the exact same form factor as a fluorescent bulb, NetLED has made it incredibly easy to upgrade the lighting in a store or office to its LED tubes, which can also be remotely controlled over Wi-Fi.

Most lighting automation systems require a reality show’s worth of renovations to electrical systems and fixtures, but these LED lamps just slot into a fluorescent fixture as easily as changing a bulb. The basic tube sells for $US180 (it’s one of those cheaper in the long run scenarios), but you can also get a version that includes a small USB Wi-Fi dongle for $US260. When connected to a gateway box, the lights can then be remotely controlled from a web browser or smartphone app.

To control multiple lights, and keep the cost of the system down, the tubes that don’t have a Wi-Fi dongle can be hard wired and slaved to a master bulb that does, letting entire banks of lights be dimmed or switched off from anywhere. And because it’s all LED-based, there’s no buzzing, flickering, poisonous mercury vapour or even annoying warm-up times. [NetLED via DigInfo]

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