We Actually Have A Release Date For ‘The Wall’

We Actually Have A Release Date For ‘The Wall’

Samsung’s Wall, that is.

Announced back at CES, the modular, bezel-less, 146-inch monster of a television made of microLEDs was a bit light on the details. So light, we found ourselves questioning if this would ever actually be a consumer product.

Today in New York, we found out a little more.

The MicroLEDs give definition without restrictions to size, resolution or form. It creates a self-emitting TV with micrometer scale LEDs that serve as their own source of light. This means no color filters or backlight, while promising “durability and effectiveness”, according to Samsung.

The Wall is bezel-less, as can only be expected by something called “The Wall”, and the screen is adaptable. It is also “modular” – but not in the way we traditionally think of modular. The screen can be programmed to show the picture in different sizes – so, you can have a narrow image that stretches across the whole surface, for example.

And it can be constructed in any size or shape, within reason.

All of this we already knew, and today we found out it is hitting the US in August. An Australian release date is yet to be announced, but the fact that this product – which to be frankly seemed very conceptual at CES, is actually becoming a retail product this year is pretty darn cool.

But another thing we found out – how the “modules” will be installed.

I’m still dying to see the back of this thing, and how the modules fit together, but we do know that it will require professional installation. this isn’t a weekend DIY project.

Now we just need to know if it’ll be included in the cost – and what exactly that might be.

Gizmodo Australia travelled to New York as a guest of Samsung Australia.

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