Facebook Wants To Be Your Quiz Daddy Now

Facebook Wants To Be Your Quiz Daddy Now

Remember HQ Trivia – that live game show you totally would have won that one time if you hadn’t gotten the easy question wrong? The app, and its “quiz daddy” host Scott Rogowsky, seem to have inspired Facebook to try its hand at captivating viewers with live-streamed multiple choice questions, among other gimmicks.

Image: Facebook

Facebook announced a set of tools today aimed at content creators on the social network, tools that will let audience members interact with shows, a thing everyone loves doing. All aboard the trivia train!

To date, Facebook Live videos have largely offered users a passive viewing experience. You mostly just sit there, watch, and occasionally hit the like button to show your support during the video’s duration. But Facebook says its Interactive Show Experiences will enable video creators and publishers to add polls to videos, as well as other elements such as multiple choice options, player eliminations and cash prizes.

“This will help a range of formats come to life, like a live trivia show where fans compete to see who knows the most about a particular topic or perhaps a direct competition between creators and their superfans on a topic of choice,” wrote Facebook in a post describing the new features.

It’s easy to imagine how HQ‘s addictive trivia app (and its humble host) might have inspired Facebook to launch these tools. Facebook is not exactly shy about copying its competitors, so launching a service to steal some of HQ Trivia‘s magic wouldn’t be out of character for the company.

Still, Facebook has yet to prove if people actually want their feeds filled with old and new takes on the trivia show format.

Interested in starting your own trivia show about, I don’t know, Japanese robot anime from the late 1970s? You can request more information about Facebook’s Interactive Show Experiences and hope the company gets back to you.

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