Mego Makes A Nostalgic Return, And More Of The Best Toys Of The Week

Mego Makes A Nostalgic Return, And More Of The Best Toys Of The Week

Welcome back to Toy Aisle, our weekly round up of the toys that we’ll be buying immediately after we’re done staring at everything at San Diego Comic-Con next week. While there’s all that ahead of us, right now we have LEGO Movie 2 sets, a very stylish Half Life hero, and, as always, adorable porgs. Check it out!

The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part Sets

As San Diego Comic-Con draws near, LEGO is drumming up excitement for new details about its forthcoming sequel by revealing three new sets that will premiere with the film — and that’s it. There are no descriptions, no names, no details on availability, and no price tags. But several of the minifigure characters revealed here can be spotted in the first trailer that came out last month.

Hopefully LEGO will share more at Comic-Con, and explain what happened to Metal Beard the pirate.


The Return of Mego Action Figures

Long before Star Wars revolutionised movie marketing, finding action figure versions of your favourite TV or movie characters was all but impossible. At least until the 1970s, when a company called Mego produced a line of fully-clothed 20cm posable dolls featuring everyone from Wonder Woman to the cast of Star Trek.

Smaller, all-plastic action figures eventually became the norm, but 30-plus years after their debut, Mego is bringing back 20cm and 35cm figures on July 29, exclusively to Target in the US, for $US15 ($20) to $US30 ($40) for a two-pack. Australian pricing and availability has not yet been confirmed.

Initially characters such as Harley Quinn, Sulu from Star Trek, and an I Dream of Jeannie two-pack will be available, but the reborn line will be expanded to include other classic TV characters from series such as Married With Children and Cheers.


Mondo Gordon Freeman

You’ll probably be waiting until the heat death of the universe to get Half Life 3, but while you are, Mondo is celebrating the adventures of Doctor Freeman with a gorgeous new 1/6 action figure of the scientist in his iconic HEV suit.

Based on Gordon’s appearance in the second game of the franchise, the figure comes with the most obvious and iconic accessories a Gordon Freeman figure can have: A crowbar, the weapon of choice for any Black Mesa scientist in the wake of a deadly accident opening up a portal to an alien realm; and a headcrab alien to be bludgeoned with said crowbar.

More details at about the figure, including its price and release date, will be revealed at Comic-Con next week. [Syfy]

Hasbro San Diego Comic-Con Exclusive Star Wars Forces of Destiny Chewbacca and Porgs

One of the many offspring in the Star Wars family is an animated series called Forces of Destiny that focuses on heroines such as Rey, Jyn Erso and Princess Leia. The series was, of course, accompanied by a line of 28cm “Adventure Figures”, which had action features and enough articulation to prevent them from being mistaken for dolls.

A furry version of Chewbacca with a magnificent mane was included as well, and that Adventure Figure is making a re-appearance at San Diego Comic-Con as a $US50 ($67) Hasbro exclusive. To make it enticing to fans who may have passed the first time around, Hasbro is tossing in a family of porgs, including a pair of fluffy, flocked baby porglets.

Having a hard time moving product? Just put a porg on it.

Star Ace Supergirl Martian Manhunter

Star Ace’s line of DC/CW 1:8 scale figures may not have a Supergirl quite yet, but we now have a look at the next figure joining the Flash and Green Arrow, in the form of J’onn J’onzz himself.

As well as the usual multiple hands for posing, the Martian Manhunter figure will come with an alternate grimacing head to show J’onn in combat, or with the other hilarious accessories with the set: Bits of fire to show the Martian Manhunter’s greatest fear. How mean!

J’onn is set to swoop onto shelves later this year. [Toyark]

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