There Was A Freaking Bat Flying Around Inside This Flight

There Was A Freaking Bat Flying Around Inside This Flight

When it comes to flying on aeroplanes, is there anything better than getting nice and comfy in your seat, and just letting the soothing, leathery flapping of a random bat freaking the fuck out while flying in a panic all over the plane help you drift off to sleep? Wait, what? You don’t want a bat going, appropriately, batshit around your head in an aeroplane? Then it’s a good thing you weren’t on this Spirit Airlines flight to Newark on Wednesday.

Yes, the budget airline’s flight had a bat come out from who-knows-where about 30 minutes into the flight, according to Peter Scattini, who paid $US57 ($84) for his ticket and recorded this video:

Now, in fairness to Spirit, they have never officially promised to provide bat-free flights. It’s a cheap ticket, and maybe sometimes that means normally cash-strapped flying mammals like bats may be on your flight.

Could this have been someone’s psychological support bat on a break? Maybe.

Other passengers caught video of it, too:

I have to take issue with the commentary here, though — having a bat aboard does not make the plane the Batplane or, more absurdly, the Batmobile. That’d be just crazy. To gain that status, the vehicle must be bat-like in appearance. Jeez.

It appears the bat was trapped by a passenger between a cup and a book, and was locked in one of the bathrooms for the duration of the flight.

I reached out to Spirit’s people for comment, but as of publication time they’d yet to respond. I mean, I’m not really sure what they’d say, anyway? They’ll try to keep bats off the planes?

The real victim here, though? The bat. That poor bat must be so confused as to how the hell it ended up in Newark. And now it’s stuck in Newark.

Also, it remains unclear if this was in fact some vampire that snuck onto the plane as a bat in an effort to save $US57 ($84).

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