RIP, Samsung Galaxy Note

RIP, Samsung Galaxy Note

Last month sources suggested that the Samsung Galaxy Note was not long for this world. Now Samsung has all but confirmed that it will be discontinuing the phablet. Also, I apologise for using the term ‘phablet’.

It all began when Samsung Galaxy S21 leaks revealed that the upcoming flagship would have S Pen functionality. Then back in November sources told Reuters there would be no Note 21 next year.

Further to that, the sources said the S Pen would be compatible with both the S21 and the next foldable device Samsung releases in 2021.

While Samsung remained quiet on the subject at the time, it has now outlined its 2021 plans for its phone line up.

While the company didn’t straight up say it was getting rid of the Note, it got pretty close.

The death of the Samsung Galaxy Note

Samsung’s Head of Mobile Communications Business, TM Roh, recently wrote about the company’s plans to expand its range of foldables.

“True to our heritage of staying ahead of the curve with trailblazing mobile tech, we’ll be expanding our portfolio of foldables, so this groundbreaking category is more accessible to everyone,” Roh said in a press release.

He also mentioned the importance of its camera line up.

“While we’re already known for our revolutionary cameras, we’ll never stop trying to outdo ourselves — so be on the lookout for super-intelligent, pro-grade camera and video capabilities in 2021.”

This is where it gets interesting. Roh goes onto mention the Note series, but only in relation to injecting its features into other devices.

“We’ve also been paying attention to people’s favorite aspects of the Galaxy Note experience and are excited to add some of its most well-loved features to other devices in our lineup,” Roh.

That sure sounds like a funeral announcement to me.

When I wrote about the rumours last month, I lamented the loss of the Note. I still stand by this – it was a niche phone that had a cult following for a reason.

But I can’t say I’m surprised. As Samsung, and the phone market in general, moves more towards foldables, the value proposition of the Note makes less and less sense.

Its being replaced by its modern foldy sibling, and that makes sense. But the Samsung Galaxy Note will always hold a special place in my tech-loving heart.