‘The Ultimate High Ground’: Welcome to Australia’s Defence-Oriented Space Command

‘The Ultimate High Ground’: Welcome to Australia’s Defence-Oriented Space Command

Australia now has a Starfleet Command. Ahem, sorry, the Defence Space Command.

Space really is the final frontier – over the past couple of years, we’ve seen Australia’s government get more and more excited about space and projects involving space.

Now, let us introduce the Defence Space Command.

“We must be able to generate space power across the Defence portfolio, supporting the joint force, whole of government, allies and international partners. We must also protect billions of dollars’ worth of commercial and military assets against space debris, collisions and destructive acts,” says General Angus Campbell, the chief of the Defence Force.

“The decision to create a single organisation to coordinate and manage Defence’s endeavours in space is significant. Defence Space Command brings members of Navy, Army, Air Force, the Australian Public Service and contractors together under an integrated headquarters reporting to the Chief of Air Force as the Space Domain Lead.”

Minister for Defence Peter Dutton introduced the Defence Space Command on Monday.

“As we know, technological developments continue to change the character of warfare, particularly in the air and space domains,” Dutton said. “It’s a domain which must be used to deter aggression rather than become a new realm of conflict.”

It’ll be led by Defence Space Commander Air Vice-Marshal Cath Roberts. The main mission of Defence Space Command will be protecting Australia’s access to space, defending Australia, its national interests and to promote global security and safety.

“Space is the ultimate high ground. What we see from space gives us an unsurpassed advantage in surveillance and intelligence. It is central to how we will fight and win in the future across multi-domain operations, using advanced hypersonics, precision strike missiles and guided weapons,” Roberts said.

Weird to chuck in an Obi-Wan Kenobi quote but I’ll go with it. It’s also the motto written on the Defence Space Command emblem.

The Command is set to start modestly, working closely with the Australian Space Agency without the scale of similar space programs around the world.

The Defence-oriented organisation won’t be sending Aussies to strange new worlds anytime soon, as it’s more of a branch of Australia’s defence sector, comprised of members from the earlier mentioned groups.

I wonder who will crew The Australian Enterprise (Note: The Australian Enterprise is not a thing).

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