Which Streaming Service Will Save Batman: Caped Crusader?

Which Streaming Service Will Save Batman: Caped Crusader?

The recent culling at Warner Bros. has meant that numerous projects have suddenly found themselves cut loose, and surprisingly, one of them was Batman: Caped Crusader. Previously announced back in 2021 from Bruce Timm and JJ Abrams, and planned to air on both HBO Max and Cartoon Network, Caped Crusader had its plug pulled earlier this week. However, unlike some of the other cancellations at WB Discovery, production on Caped Crusader was said to continue as the series was being shopped around to other outlets.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Caped Crusader is being eyed at by Hulu, Netflix, and Apple, along with other undisclosed streamers. (Paramount? Peacock? …Tubi?) There isn’t a current frontrunner yet for who may pick up the series, but the show’s said to have “intense” interest, which makes sense. After all, if you’re a streaming giant, saying that you’ve got a hot new Batman show on your service after….everything happening with WB will put eyes on it.

Only question now is, who will be the lucky streamer? Right now, my money is on Netflix: the service has hosted several Batman movies in the past, and DC series in general. It’s currently airing Sandman, a show that is DC-adjacent, and they’re never hurting for content. And if they did grab Crusader, you’d definitely know. Because unlike with most of their other shows, that’s something they would advertise.

Second to Netflix, the best guess would be Hulu. Again, word of mouth would be important here. That’s what has helped much of Hulu’s recent output thrive, particularly its FX on Hulu series like The Old Man and The Bear, or even Prey. Not to mention, the show would have more room to breathe there, as Netflix shows often find themselves having to fight each other for attention, with often several losers among few victors. And while it doesn’t matter…it would be a little funny to see a DC series on a Disney platform.

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