Finally: A Lamborghini That I Can Afford

Finally: A Lamborghini That I Can Afford

Earlier this week, e-mobility company Segway-Ninebot announced that its 2023 range of e-scooters was now available in Australia. Prior to this announcement, the company invited me to give the new products a go in Queensland (where e-scooters are legal, unlike NSW), and during the event, my eye was drawn to one particular product… an electric Lamborghini GoKart.

Now, Segway-Ninebot has had this thing on the market since August 2020 (with a non-Lambo version also available), but it somehow evaded us. So, here I am, writing about it, gushing about it.

Here’s a quick video of this GoKart, without the Lamborghini badge or yellow paint.

If you want to see a video of the Lamborghini GoKart, tech content creator Elly Awesome put together a banger TikTok (which, subtly, I make a cameo in). Segway-Ninebot also links to this review of the GoKart on its website.


I got to try every new model of e-scooter from Segway-Ninebot! Including their Lamborghini electric Go Kart!! #tech #techtok #segway #escooter @Segway-Ninebot Australia

♬ original sound – Elly Awesome

Some technical specs: This GoKart can go up to 40km/h, with a battery range of 25km on a full charge. It can handle inclines of up to 15 per cent (which isn’t terrific, making it ideal for level roads), with a rider weight limit of between 80 and 100kg.

The GoKart weighs 51.2kg on its own and has an IPX4 water resistance rating. It also has fake engine noises that replicate the sound of a supercar from a speaker and, the best part, it’s built for adults (even though it totally looks like a kid’s toy).

At the moment, Segway-Ninebot seems to be clearing stock of the GoKart. Its Australian website says that only five are left in stock, with a sale price of $3,499 (down from $3,999).

It’s a tonne of fun but it’s probably not the most practical thing. Despite a fun form factor, its range is tiny compared to cheaper Segway-Ninebot scooters. There’s also no space for any cargo, whereas on a scooter you at least have your back for a backpack.

Also, maybe don’t take this thing on public roads – it’s not a real car.

It’s fun as hell. It’s no Revuelto, but it’ll do.

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