Twitter Is Down (Again)

Twitter Is Down (Again)

Twitter is down.

It’s been a while but the binfire blue bird site is on the blink this morning, with things working fine until I went to grab the link for a Reddit outage to paste into another article. Luckily, the tweet from Down Detector noting Twitter was down was open already.

After being logged in, users (including myself) are being prompted to log back in after being booted off the site. It’s then an infinite loop of hitting ‘log in’ with no change.

Down Detector tells us there were more than 3,600 incidents of people reporting issues as of 7 am AEST.

Not much is known about why Twitter is down, with a report from Reuters noting much the same as what we’ve said above.

The last time Twitter went down was in February. In a nutshell, the problems experienced were mostly around trying to tweet, with users being told they’ve reached their limit for the day.

twitter down australia
Image: Asha Barbaschow/Gizmodo Australia

There’s no diagnosis on what caused the platform to go rogue that time or now, but things slowly recovered throughout the day.

That outage followed another one experienced by the Elon Musk site a month prior, with Twitter down and poorly functioning for Australian and New Zealander users for 16 hours.

It’s just the latest outage to hit Twitter since Elon Musk’s acquisition. In December, we also reported that notifications kept breaking on the social media site. And later that month, the service suffered a major worldwide outage.

If you’ve got any information on this story, I’d love to hear it. We’ll update this story later on if we notice a change or if an official statement is put out (if it is at all or Musk just pretends everything is fine).

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