YouTuber Defies God, Makes an AirPods Case That’s Easy to Repair

YouTuber Defies God, Makes an AirPods Case That’s Easy to Repair

Apple’s AirPods are brilliant. Sound quality rules, the aesthetic is nice, and they work seamlessly with the rest of Apple’s product lineup – but they have one clear weakness: AirPods are extremely difficult to repair.

That is, at least, what you’d pick up on if you glossed over the Apple audio section of the iFixit website. These products aren’t designed to be repaired, at least by the user. They’re designed to be sold, and if broken, replaced.

And that’s the message Swiss YouTuber Ken Pillonel (of channel Exploring the Simulation) wants to express – it sucks that a lot of modern technology is designed aggressively against home fixes – so what if Apple’s AirPods case was easy to repair?

“Times have changed. Now our devices are seamless slabs; the insides hidden away, as if holding state secrets. Fixing them isn’t easy or encouraged, and more often than not, it’s impossible,” Pillonel said in the video.

“Let’s bring the magic back. The real magic of understanding and repair.”

Pillonel is the guy that, in 2021, designed an iPhone with a USB-C charging port and put it up for auction. It’s good to see you back, you genius.

Scrapping the glue and instead employing screws, Pillonel documented his teardown of the Apple AirPods Pro case on YouTube, using a 3D printer, graphics design programs, and a cheap 3D modelling camera.

With a freshly-printed case, some screws, and new connectors in the casing for charging, Pillonel pulled off a remarkable feat here. Now, if a component of the case needs to be replaced, all that you need to do is unscrew the screws on the sides, lift the guts out, and get to work. This is, of course, not something every consumer can do or is willing to do, but it’s certainly something a lot of users would like to have the option of (myself included) – even if the case looks less smooth than Apple’s own design.

Pillonel has also made the files for this project open-source – all you need to do is email a Proton Mail address (specified at the end of the video), and you’ll be sent a download link.

Brilliant work as always, Pillonel.

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