Tech News: 5 Things to Know in Australia Today

Tech News: 5 Things to Know in Australia Today

Good morning, folks, it’s Wednesday and you know what that means? We’ve got a tech news briefing.

1. TikTok does have access to Aussie data

Starting with a report from The Guardian which tells us what we all were kinda hoping wasn’t the case: Australian user data is accessible to TikTok employees based in China on a “very strict basis”. The report was quoting TikTok’s head of data security Will Farrell, who appeared before Parliament as part of the government’s probe into the local operations of the Chinese mega app. Read more here.

2. Government-affiliated media under watch on Threads

Staying with that hearing yesterday and Meta told the committee that it’ll be labelling government-affiliated media accounts accordingly on its new Twitter-killer, Threads. Per iTnews, Meta head of public policy for Australia Josh Machin said, “Areas such as labels for state-affiliated media and fact-checking are all areas where we see a lot of value, and it’s our aspiration to build that out expeditiously.”

3. Q-CTRL to develop sensors for AUKUS

Aussie quantum success story Q-CTRL has signed a deal with Australia’s Department of Defence to develop quantum sensors that it said will deliver quantum-assured navigation capability for military platforms. Per a statement, Q-CTRL explained that quantum-enhanced navigation will “deliver the ability for vehicles to position accurately over long periods when GPS is unavailable or untrustworthy, opening new frontiers for defence operations. In air, space, underground, and underwater, quantum navigation permits long-endurance missions that were otherwise impossible, and secures positioning against jamming or spoofing by hostile adversaries.”

4. Microsoft given $US69 billion green light

The on/off/on/off $US69 billion Microsoft-Activision Blizzard acquisition is back on, baby. With a U.S. Court Judge saying it was fiiiiiine to undertake the biggest acquisition the gaming world has ever seen, nay media history. As Reuters says in its report on the matter, the call is a massive blow to President Joe Biden’s antitrust efforts. Now we wait and see what’s next from the PlayStation maker.

5. Open AI to continue Shutterstock DALL-E training

Finishing with The Verge today and it’s reporting image library Shutterstock is extending its partnership with OpenAI for six more years, allowing the AI company to train its models using Shutterstock’s images, videos, music, and metadata during that time. The stock image site’s partnership with OpenAI first began in 2021.

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