Belgium and Germany Are Now Reviewing iPhone 12 for Radiation Violations

Belgium and Germany Are Now Reviewing iPhone 12 for Radiation Violations

Earlier this week, France announced that it would halt iPhone 12 sales over potential radiation emissions from the devices that surpass legal limits. Now, Germany and Belgium appear to be a bit spooked as well.

Reuters reported this morning that Belgian regulators will be assessing the radiation concerns French authorities expressed in regard to the iPhone 12. While the phone model will still be sold in Belgium, the country’s secretary of state for digitalization Mathieu Michel told Reuters that he reached out to Belgian telecommunications regulators to investigate all Apple smartphones. The outlet also reported that Germany was following suit.

Apple did not immediately return Gizmodo’s request for comment.

France halted iPhone 12 sales in the country on Tuesday after the Agency of National Frequencies, a radiation watchdog, apparently detected radiation emissions from the device that were over the legal limit. The ANFR also said that it would be sending agents to Apple stores across the country to ensure the phones are not being sold.

While radiation may conjure up images of nuclear warheads a la Oppenheimer, all electronic devices emit some form of electromagnetic radiation. ANFR’s findings simply mean that the iPhone’s “specific absorption rate”—the amount of radiation absorbed by a human body—was higher than EU limits, which are lower than those set by North America and Asia.

Apple has certainly had a busy week in regards to the iPhone. While facing scrutiny from European countries over the alleged radiation from the iPhone 12, the tech corporation also announced the iPhone 15 at its Wonderlust event. The new phone is larger than its predecessor, with a 6.1″ screen on the base model with a 6.7″ screen on the Plus model, along with increased camera functionality, a customisable action button in place of the mute button on the Pro model, and Roadside Assistance via satellite. 

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