Dyson’s New Light Will Cost You $900, but It’ll Last 60 Years

Dyson’s New Light Will Cost You $900, but It’ll Last 60 Years

Dyson isn’t exactly notorious with ‘affordability’, so why not launch an actual light that costs $900 to keep the vibe going? That’s what Dyson has done today, announcing the Solarcycle Morph Desk light is coming to Australia.

Calling it just a ‘light’ is doing the Solarcycle Morph a little bit of a disservice. This thing, a more grown up version of the 2019 Solarcycle task light, tracks natural daylight and morphs what type of light it delivers based on the time of day, across four different formats.

The Solarcycle Morph adjusts the light it emits depending on the user’s task, age, and mood, in addition to the light outside. ‘Indirect light’ will see the light’s head rotate 360-degrees to bounce light off something like a floor or wall; ‘task light’ is something you’d use for say doing your makeup (it shoots out a pool of high-intensity light); ‘feature light’ is something you’d use if you wanted a small spotlight on something like a piece of art; and ‘ambient’ sends the light down into the pole stand (a stand that looks very obviously ‘Dyson’).

You can fiddle with the settings in the MyDyson app, too.

This mood-sunshine-age-task self-adjusting light sits atop a desk – there is a floor stand in other markets, but not in Australia just yet.

The light itself has a ridiculous lifespan. According to the company, its heat pipe technology draws heat away from the LEDs to provide a “non-stop, energy-free cooling cycle, maintaining light quality for 60 years”. The caveat is that the light is used for around 8 hours per day.

Dyson Solarcycle Morph light
Image: Dyson

Dyson said that low light, flicker, and glare can cause eye strain and visual fatigue. The Dyson Solarcycle Morph aims to fix that issue by producing a more even distribution of high-quality, powerful light, while achieving a low flicker score. Essentially, it displays colours very close to daylight.

“When trying to recreate the characteristics of daylight, light quality is vital. So we developed a way to protect it for the long term,” Dyson chief engineer Jake Dyson said.

Jokes about an $899 light aside, as someone with a terrible sleep schedule, I’d love to see what this means for fixing the domino effects of sleep deprivation.

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Image: Dyson

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