Origin’s Best NBN Bundle Is Back

Origin’s Best NBN Bundle Is Back

Origin Broadband might not be the cheapest or fastest NBN provider out there but it does have some of the best bundles, letting you save on the cost of your internet connection while catching up on Paramount Plus streaming originals like Yellowjackets

Origin NBN deals

The gist is this. If you sign up for any of Origin’s NBN plans before September 31 October, you’ll get up to $20 off on your monthly bill for the first six months. The faster the plan, the bigger the discount. What’s more, those who opt for Origin’s fastest NBN plan are looking at pocketing $20 in savings per month for the first twelve months instead of the usual six. 

Regardless of speed tier, you’ll also score a 12-month subscription to Paramount Plus. If you’ve been itching for an excuse to catch up on that second season of Strange New Worlds and want to save some extra cash in the process, you can sign up for any of Origin Broadband’s NBN plans using the widget below.

On top of that, existing Origin Energy customers can bundle together their bills and nab an extra $10 per month off the price of their internet connection. Combined with the time-limited promotion, that works out to be a fair chunk of change you’re saving throughout the honeymoon period plus whatever you’d otherwise be paying for a year of Paramount Plus. 

So long as you stick things out for the full 12 months, you’re paying up to $240 less than you would otherwise and you’re still getting that free year of access to streaming originals like 1923, Tulsa King and Halo.

Those looking to take advantage of this deal at the lowest possible price are going to want to look at Origin Broadband’s Everyday NBN 25 plan. While this plan comes with slower typical evening speeds of 25Mpbs that may make streaming anything in 4K quality a challenge, Paramount Plus streams cap out at 1080p in Australia so you aren’t missing out when it comes to that service specifically. 

Sign up for this plan and nothing else, and you’re looking at paying $69 per month for your first six months. Bundled with an Origin Energy connection, you’re paying just $59 per month rather than the usual $74 per month for the first six months. 

For those looking to share that free year of Paramount Plus with a housemate or two, Origin Broadband’s Experience NBN 50 plan might be a better bet. This plan gets you faster typical evening speeds of 50Mbps and upload speeds of up to 20Mpbs. 

Choose to bundle this one with an Origin Energy bill and you’re looking at a monthly internet bill of $64 per month for the first six months. That figure rises to $74 per month if you go it alone. 

Those with bigger households or bandwidth requirements will be better served by the more expensive Origin Broadband plans. Still, we like the two above because the proportion of your bill covered by the discount is more meaningful than it is with the provider’s NBN 100 and NBN 250 plans. 

Favor a faster connection over a free year of Paramount Plus? Be sure to check out this list of the cheapest NBN 100 plans in our database below.

Fergus Halliday is a journalist at WhistleOut, Australia’s phone and internet comparison website.

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