We’re All Having Fun Building Iconic Spaceships in Starfield

We’re All Having Fun Building Iconic Spaceships in Starfield

Starfield is the hotly-anticipated, recently-released video game from Bethesda Game Studios, the company behind the likes of other open-world titles like Fallout 4 and Skyrim. Todd Howard’s latest behemoth is a space exploration game in which you play as a planetary miner who stumbles upon an alien artifact, launching you into a quest spanning planets and solar systems to uncover the rest of the extraterrestrial technology. In order to hop from star system to star system, Starfield comes equipped with a spaceship builder that’s got all the bells and whistles to make the ship of your dreams.

The game was officially released earlier this week and gamers are already doing what gamers do best: testing its limits. The ship builder is an incredibly in-depth service that allows you to customise nearly every module of your ship, from what laser cannons you’ll disable the Crimson Fleet pirates with to what colour you want your cockpit to be. It’s so immersive, in fact, that it can be a little overwhelming to novice gamers (like myself).

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Players can get their hands on a ship after beginning the main quest and joining Constellation, a group that is leading the search for the missing pieces of the mysterious alien artifact. Barrett, a member of Constellation, will hook you up with a ship to meet the rest of the team in the city of New Atlantic. Here, you can speak to a ship technician on the landing pad and enter the ship-building interface. The credits your character earns from looting and working are needed to purchase modules or even entire ships for your fleet.

Starfield players across the internet have been showing off their ship designs, including references to other video games and sci-fi movies, recreations of characters from animated movies, and designs modelled after inanimate objects. Here are 13(-ish) of the best builds we’ve seen.

Mater from Cars

Screenshot: Gizmodo/MrCaine332

Lightning McQueen’s partner-in-crime from Cars isn’t exactly aerodynamic or practical, but he certainly makes for an iconic ship design. This recreation was made by MrCaine332 on Reddit.

The Magic School Bus

Screenshot: Gizmodo/SP7R

This recreation of Ms. Frizzle’s titular vehicle from The Magic School Bus was made by SP7R on Reddit.

Various ships from Star Wars

Starfieldclip on TikTok showed all the different Star Wars-inspired ships they built for their fleet. They include the X-Wing, the Millennium Falcon, and the Star Destroyer.

Another Millenium Falcon

Screenshot: Gizmodo/krunkstep77

Reddit user krunkstep77 took a stab at the iconic Millenium Falcon from Star Wars, which appears to be one of the more popular ships to recreate in the Starfield community.

A lobster

Screenshot: Gizmodo/mayonnaisesama

The thick-shelled crustacean is honestly not a bad model for a spaceship. It looks cool and limits the surface area for enemies to attack. This design comes from mayonnaisesama on Reddit.

A hot dog

Screenshot: Gizmodo/vr989

If Oscar Meyer can build a hot god truck in the real world, why can’t we build a hot dog spaceship in Starfield? This glizzy-shaped spacecraft—called “The Frankfurter”—is brought to you by vr989 on Reddit.

Just a really big cube

TikTok creator tastyhusband showed just how wild the Starfield ship creator can get by building a hilariously bulbous starship consisting almost exclusively of cargo holds with some rocket engines.

“The Rocinante” from The Expanse

Screenshot: Gizmodo/Stock-Finish-5281

The Syfy/Amazon Prime sci-fi series follows a group of asteroid miners tracking down a violent alien technology—very similar to Starfield. Stock-Finish-5281 recreated one of the many variations of the protagonists’ ship from The Expanse.

Thomas the Tank Engine

Screenshot: Gizmodo/MrCaine332

The anthropomorphic train engine is getting new life in Starfield thanks to MrCaine332.

The Batman Batwing

SpectrexGaming shared a how-to video to TikTok showing just how easy it is to build Batman’s “Batwing.”

An 18-wheeler

Screenshot: Gizmodo/alexjosco

Can you call it an 18-wheeler as it careens through the cosmos? Reddit user alexjosco created this big-rig-inspired spacecraft.

A ship full of hallways

Screenshot: Gizmodo/FLDJF713

It looks like Redditor FLDJF713 channelled The Backrooms in this build, called The Hallway Fighter 9000, which is an asymmetrical ship that consists predominantly of a long hallway that connects the cockpit to a cargo hold and engines.

The Normandy SR-2 from Mass Effect

Screenshot: Gizmodo/Bizzle94588

The Normandy SR-2 from Mass Effect—another space-based video game—was recreated in Starfield by Bizzle94588 on Reddit and rebranded as the SF-2 (SF=Starfield, get it?).

Image credit: Gizmodo/ Bethesda

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