Toyota’s Teasing a Very Exciting EV Sports Car Concept

Toyota’s Teasing a Very Exciting EV Sports Car Concept

Toyota has not exactly been paving the way when it comes to EVs. The company has prioritized hybrids, pushed fully electric vehicles to the back burner, and only released one mediocre EV thus far. Sure, it has that fancy new buttplug tech now, but the company is still deeply behind in the EV race — and what better way to catch up in a race than with a sleek, sporty coupe?

For the Japan Mobility Show, Toyota is rolling out two new FT concepts — FT being the same line that begat the Supra and 86. One appears to be a crossover coupe, because every company needs a product lineup that includes a minimum of sixteen crossover coupes, but the other is a genuine, honest-to-god sports coupe: The FT-Se.

The car, as a whole, looks fantastic. We can all hope and pray that its yoke never sees the light of day, but the exterior styling should go into production as unchanged as possible — it looks futuristic as hell, and plays directly to the part of my brain that wants nothing more than to be a cyber ninja.

Interestingly, Toyota isn’t the only company bringing an electric sports car to the Japan Mobility Show. Subaru, Toyota’s current EV partner, is introducing its “Subaru Sport Mobility Concept” — that timing seems unlikely to be a coincidence. Yet, looking at the shrouded teaser photos of both cars, the two don’t actually seem particularly similar in appearance.

It’s possible it’s all smoke and mirrors, lighting and camera tricks, and the two cars will turn out to be Toyobaru identical. Until their full reveals, though, we won’t know for sure — for now, they appear genuinely different in shape and structure.

Image: Toyota

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