Does This Type of Cable Exist? I Sure Hope Not

Does This Type of Cable Exist? I Sure Hope Not

To kick off 2024, the internet has provided us with a cursed trend that feels tailor-made for me: ‘Does this type of cable exist?’

Earlier today, we ran a story from our U.S. colleagues about a USB-A to an SAE CCS1 charging plug, with the story going through just how long it would take an EV to be charged with a cable maxing out at 2.5 watts (the maximum wattage of USB-A). Dear reader, the thoughts of extremely cursed cables have not left my head since the posting of this article… Or, well, since the creation of the below image, which quickly became a meme.

Without beating around the bush, the cable depicted above is a death trap. It can cause electrocution or fires when plugged in at each end, as it does not form a complete circuit.

But the image above is from years ago, and today we’re dealing with a meme dedicated to absurd cables – people are posting images of fake (or sometimes, somehow, real) cables with the caption ‘does this type of cable exist’. It’s a barrel of laughs for those of us too nerdy for our own good. It seemed to start on R/Computers, but most of the posts I’ve seen about it have been on Twitter, with the subreddit now seemingly decrying the trend as unfunny.

Why am I writing about this? Well, to peel back the curtain a little, I actually, strangely, like writing articles about cables, and for some reason, people keep reading them.

So – cursed cables, to me! Let’s go through some of the greatest monstrosities I’ve seen this trend create so far.

This causes my PC-building brain physical pain

What we’re looking at here is a USB-A-to-IEC C13 port – a plug matched with low-charge and data-transferring devices, coupled with a plug that’s reserved for high-wattage power supplies. This was the post that supposedly started the meme. Put simply, there’s probably no way you could get this to work in any practical sense, as the IEC C13 port is mostly reserved for stationary devices typically above 60watts at least, and you would likely hear a pop followed by a sizzle if you attempted to use it. I don’t like looking at this one for too long, because my PC is right beside my monitor, and I don’t want it to be harmed by association with this image.

I want to hear the house

Does this type of cable exist?
byu/BrevilleMicrowave incomputers

Less a cable and more a headset with integrated cable, this one is some classic tomfoolery. That’s a Type A wall plug, typically used in the U.S., running directly to a JBL headset. Now, my optimistic hope would be that there’d be Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connectivity for this device so that you could pair it to a phone and actually listen to something, but thankfully, it’s a made-up device, and I don’t have to take the thought too far. What would you actually use it for? Well, as Reddit user u/SnooMachines4171 put it: “Bro is listening to the 50/60hz hum.”

Linus, no, you can’t do that

What you’re looking at above is a Type B wall plug (also used in the U.S.) running directly to a 12-pin 600W-capable PSU-to-motherboard connector. Usually, those things are served up in 20/24-pin lots, so as Be Quiet points out, it’s actually a half cable, but even being a half cable would stop this thing from sparking. I’ve always wanted to roast marshmallows over an open PC case.

Perfect for a 1800W monitor

HDMI is not meant to do this. HDMI will never do this. What you’re looking at above is a Type A wall plug meeting an HDMI connector. AS plug entirely devoted to power delivery meeting a plug dedicated to audio and video transmission. Very cursed, very bad! I’d joke that you’d use this if you wanted to see what kind of shows your home has in its walls, but I’m too worried about the fire risk.

Does this type of cable exist?

Not anymore! Or, at least, not for much longer.

Image: u/Naxo175 on Reddit

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