Star Wars’ Next Animated Anthology Explores the Shadows of the Empire

Star Wars’ Next Animated Anthology Explores the Shadows of the Empire

We finally know what the sequel to Star Wars: Tales of the Jedi will be. It’s called Star Wars: Tales of the Empire and it’s coming sooner than you’d expect.

Disney just revealed the first trailer and news on Tales of the Empire, which will debut on Disney+ May 4. Yes, in one month. Check it out.

The press release specifically called this series “the second installment of the Tales series,” suggesting there will be more. But, as you can tell from the trailer, where Tales of the Jedi followed two Jedi on different paths—Count Dooku and Ahsoka Tano—Tales of the Empire will similarly follow two characters from different eras: Morgan Elsbeth (voiced by Diana Lee Inosanto) and Barriss Offee (voiced by Meredith Salenger). They’ll be joined by several other prominent Star Wars characters such as Thrawn (Lars Mikkelsen), the Grand Inquisitor (Jason Isaacs), and even General Grievous himself (Matthew Wood).

Morgan’s side of Tales of the Empire looks as if it’s going to explain her Nightsister backstory, which was revealed on Ahsoka. Apparently, she was there during the events of “Massacre,” the Clone Wars episode where Dooku orders Grievous to wipe out the Night Sisters and sets Ventress off on her path to become a bounty hunter.

Then the Barriss side of Tales investigates the rise of the Inquisitorius (and her apparent part in it) and includes characters from Rebels (Grand Inquisitor), Obi-Wan (Fourth Sister), and Ahsoka (Marrok). Yes, fans will finally get more info on their favorite character, Marrok.

All of which is… awesome. We can’t wait. And the best part is, we won’t have to wait too long. All six episodes of Star Wars: Tales of the Empire drop on Disney+ May 4.