Could These Be The Real Nintendo Switch 2 Specs?

Could These Be The Real Nintendo Switch 2 Specs?

While a follow-up to the Switch is as inevitable as night following day, its existence was only finally made officially official earlier this week. At the same time, we’ve seen dribs and drabs of leaks about screen sizes, controller changes, and other minutiae for months, if not years. But today, Android Authority is collating leaks with major specs and a launch window.

The follow-up to the Switch, whatever it may eventually be called, is now rumored to have the 8-inch screen we’ve heard about before, using DLSS to support raytracing, boosted by 12GB of LPDDR5X RAM, the oft-rumored Nvidia Tegra T239, and 256GB internal storage. It’s also being said to be aiming for a March 2025 release, and will have both physical and digital backward compatibility with the original Switch games. The leaks also claim integrated microphones, and a switch to microSD express cards for additional storage. Is any of this true? Ask your chosen god.

The new round of leaks come from a collection of sources, collated by Pokémon leaker account Centro Leaks, adding to the ever-growing collection of tidbits.

A lot of this information has come from some intriguing sleuthing, tracking shipment and customs data when hardware is shipped between Nintendo and the tech companies it works with. That’s the claim by LiC on Famiboards, and the information is classed as trustworthy by the leaky pros at Centro Leaks.

If it’s all true, then it suggests a new handheld console that’ll still be technologically “behind” the current-gen big boy consoles, but able to offer graphics that are darned close. It’s suggested a Switch 2 will be able to do 4K when docked, boosted by that Tegra T239 which is a teeny powerhouse mobile chip.

This joins the other recent speculation that the SwitchBoy Pro Ultra XL will feature magnetic Joy Cons.

Or it could all be complete bollocks. It’s going to be a fair while before we find out, given that June’s Nintendo Direct is set not to mention the machine, meaning a proper introductory announcement won’t be here until well into the summer, if at all.

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