Cybertruck Teardown Videos Show the Mechanical Reality of Owning the Hottest Tesla

Cybertruck Teardown Videos Show the Mechanical Reality of Owning the Hottest Tesla

We’re not exactly the biggest fans of the Tesla Cybertruck. Aside from being a 7,000-pound monstrosity that was apparently designed without crumple zones, its frunk has a taste for fingers, its doors could slice your leg open and simply taking it through a car wash could brick your brand-new $US100,000 truck. As more people get their hands on Cybertrucks, we’re also getting more behind-the-scenes looks at exactly how these trucks are built and a look at some of the problems they come with.

On the more straightforward side of things, about a month ago, we got Autoline’s tour of a Cybertruck teardown done by a company called Caresoft. It’s not exactly excoriating, but if you’re looking for a good explanation of how the Cybertruck is put together, it’s a great place to start.


World’s 1st Cybertruck Teardown – Steer-by-Wire, 48V, Battery & Gigacastings

More recently, Hoovie’s Garage took a brand new Cybertruck to the mechanic and found that not only was there a leak somewhere in the windshield washer fluid line, but that it was also spraying out into the underside of the frunk, which doesn’t seem ideal. Especially if it also lets rainwater in. Also, the plastic tabs you’re supposed to use to change what appears to be the cabin air filter just snapped off like they were 30 years old.


TEARING APART my Tesla Cybertruck made my mechanic want to RETIRE!!! And we found something BROKEN?

i1Tesla also recently took its Cybertruck apart to prep it for a wrap and ran into a couple of issues we’d never seen before. For example, when putting the truck in its highest suspension setting, the wheels pulled so far into the wheel wells that it buckled the linoleum floor it was parked on. Also, the air compressor sounded really loud, almost like it hadn’t been installed properly. You also get to see the teardown in progress, unlike in the Autoline video where it was already done.


Take the CyberTruck ALL Apart – Everything must go

Finally, one of the oldest videos you might want to check out is from T Sportline, which got one of the first 10 Cybertrucks that Tesla delivered. Like other companies that tear down new vehicles for the aftermarket, they have a vested interest in figuring out not only making sure their products fit but also in fully understanding how everything comes apart and hopefully goes back together.


Dissecting a Tesla Cybertruck! Underbody & Wheels off Chassis Inspection and Walkthrough, first look

They’re not quite the same as watching yet another “All 359 Things Wrong With My Cybertruck After 100 Miles” video, but they’re still an interesting look behind the curtain at not only how they’re bolted together but also potential problems that owners may face. For example, we’re not sure how much room there’s going to be if you want to add bigger tires. We can’t imagine very many owners outside of YouTube are going to actually do any serious off-roading, but it’s still something to consider. And that’s before you even get into all the problems with software and electronics that owners continually run into.

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