Dust Off Your Space Helmets, Australia’s First Astronaut Is Coming Home

Dust Off Your Space Helmets, Australia’s First Astronaut Is Coming Home

Our first-ever Australian astronaut, Katherine Bennell-Pegg will land down under later this year to appear at a major space conference. 

If you are a massive fan of her work or captivated by all things space, I highly recommend putting this event in your diary. 

From November 19 to 21 at the International Symposium on Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Automation in Space aka i-SAIRAS, (what a mouthful), will have Bennell-Pegg headlining!

The event, hosted by the CSIRO, will have agencies, researchers, and industry professionals to chat about all things space from advancing the science and technology of robotics, automation and artificial intelligence (AI) to shape the future of space.  

Bennell-Pegg, who was recently certified by the European Space Agency, has just completed her training in Germany and will be back down under to return to work at the 

Australian astronaut Ms Bennell-Pegg completed her training with the European Space Agency in Germany this year and will soon return to work at the Australian Space Agency in Adelaide. 

“I’m excited to come home to Australia and share the knowledge I’ve gained from my training with our growing space and tech sectors,” Bennell-Pegg said. 

“Australia has an increasing number of cutting-edge AI and robotics projects contributing to global space missions – including Roo-ver, the Australian Space Agency’s rover that will head to the Moon later this decade.”

The Australian astronaut will be joined by a range of other speakers, panellists, and researchers, focused on the theme New Frontiers: Harnessing AI, Automation and Robotics for Space Exploration and Earth’s Challenges.  

The symposium will showcase national and international speakers, exhibitors, and professionals from the space, mining, digital, and manufacturing industries, including from CSIRO. 

Director of CSIRO’s Space Program, Dr Kimberley Clayfield, said the symposium reinforces the agency’s commitment to science translation between Earth and space. 

“Key technology developments on Earth offer new and exciting ways to explore space and better understand our solar system, and vice versa,” she said. 

“We’re already seeing AI and machine learning unlock vastly improved processing and analysis for Earth observation data, helping researchers better understand the world around us. 

“i-SAIRAS is a golden opportunity for the AI, robotics, and automation community to gather share their science, and innovate.” 

Registrations are now open and more info on i-SAIRAS can be found here. 

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