Dyson Thinks the Way We Mop Is Gross and Has a Solution to Fix That

Dyson Thinks the Way We Mop Is Gross and Has a Solution to Fix That

Dyson has seen the way we mop and is disgusted, so much so, that it has released an entirely new product to clean up our act, the Dyson Wash G1. 

This is the company’s first “dedicated wet machine” to wash hard floors.

The Dyson Wash G1, combines hydration, absorption and extraction tech through its two microfibre rollers and two nylon bristle brushes to pick up pretty much anything off the floor. 

This new mop, or not-mop features a one-litre clean water tank that can clean up to 290sqm of flooring which Dyson says is about the equivalent of the size of the average Australian home. 

Over the years, Dyson has released some interesting products recently, but this seems to be not cyberpunk adjacent.

The Wash G1 cleans the floor with two individually powered rollers counter-rotating whilst a pulse-modulated pump distributes water evenly across 26 precisely positioned hydration points, along the full width of each roller.

According to Dyson, each roller is made up of absorbent microfibre with 64,800 filaments per cm square.

“Over the years, a vast array of wet floor cleaning formats have emerged to help us tackle this chore yet users’ expectations are often left unfulfilled when it comes to stain removal, pick-up performance and floor finish. 

“Dyson engineers solve the problems others ignore and we thrive on the challenge of creating better technology. The Dyson WashG1 is the result of this; our first dedicated wet machine to wash hard floors, properly and hygienically,” Charlie Park, VP of new product development at Dyson said. 

The Wash G1 lasts for 35 minutes on one charge, however, with the higher settings that time is reduced. Dyson says one charge should be able to clean the entire home.

Image: Dyson

Separate the wet and dry 

This mop can clean wet and dry messes, so if you accidentally knock a bowl of cereal off your kitchen table, this Dyson mop will be able to clean up the mess without separating food and liquid. 

Dyson’s separation technology divides debris and dirty water at the source, for what Dyson says is a hygienic, no-touch disposal. 

Dirty water is extracted from the rollers by durable extraction plates, whilst secondary nylon-bristled inner brush bars remove dirt and debris from the microfibre rollers, flicking it straight into a removable debris tray.

The Wash G1 has been designed with in-use hydration control, allowing owners to select the level of hydration required based on debris type, flooring, or personal preference. The low, medium, and high modes each run continuously once selected, to provide increased levels of hydration respectively. A separate boost mode button purges each roller with the maximum amount of hydration when pressed, for removal of stubborn dirt and dried-on stains.

Keep rollin’

The Wash G1 rollers span the full width of the cleaner head to allow for edge-to-edge cleaning, right to the corners. The Dyson Wash G1 has been designed with two motors that sit within each microfibre roller, spinning in opposite directions so they clean in both directions.

Dyson said its engineers fine-tuned each motor to spin at a consistent speed matching the hydration mode selected, allowing the machine to glide effortlessly whilst cleaning is in process. Adopting technology from the Dyson Omni-glide, casters provide additional balance and weight support, whilst the low cleaner head height allows for easy reach underneath furniture.

Dyson said that the rollers should be replaced every six months to a year depending on how much you use the Wash G1. The rollers are US$49.

The Dyson Wash G1 can be ordered at Dyson for $999. 

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