If You’re Hungover and Your House Is a Mess, the X10 Pro Omni Will Fix One of Those Things

If You’re Hungover and Your House Is a Mess, the X10 Pro Omni Will Fix One of Those Things

When you have a house party the worst part about it is cleaning up, especially the next day when you’re under the weather.

We always try to hack something or make something easier, like iPhone shortcuts, quick meals and even cleaning. But dear reader, I’ve discovered that you can get someone or rather, something to clean your dirty floors after a night out: a robovac. 

Before you ask, yes I know robovacs aren’t new and I do have one but the Eufy X10 Pro Omni is different. 

When people are afraid of the robots taking our jobs, the one job I will happily give up to my technological overlords is cleaning. And when it coems to cleaning after a party I will every time give someone else that tedious job. 

I recently moved house and had a small gathering and decided to test the Eufy out to see if it could handle a post-house party clean. 

The Mission

This mission, Eufy, if you choose to accept it (you have no choice, you’re non-sentient) is to clean my apartment after a mid-level gathering (10 people, a few spills). The floors must be spotless and no longer sticky. If you fail, I will [redacted] your family and you will no longer [redacted].

Image: Athina Mallis

The Machine

The Eufy X10 Pro Omni is the company’s top-tier mop and vacuum robovac. It has a 8,000 Pa suction that can suck up anything that comes in its way (except cables). 

The X10 Pro Omni has AI.See Smart Obstacle Avoidance technology which basically means it can recognise a myriad of household items from cables, toys and shoes. 

The robovac has a MopMaster system that lifts the mop pads when it travels on carpet. A very handy feature. 

Full specs can be found below:

The Process

The set-up was pretty simple, thankfully the box had clear instructions for someone who was under the weather, it was easy to follow along. 

The x10 Pro Omni came with a charging hub that would fill its mop tank with water, remove the dirty water and a container for removing the dust. 

To use the Eufy x10 Pro Omni you need to download the Eufy app and connecting the robovac to the app was simple enough. So far, so good, but the mission has only begun. 

Before the Eufy set off on its mission, it needed to take a map of its surroundings to ensure that the job was done correctly and to map out where its enemies (charging cables and shoes) may be.

It took around 10 minutes for the Eufy to map my average-sized apartment. You could watch the process via the app, which was nice lighthearted entertainment for someone who didn’t get the best sleep in the world. 

Eufy’s feet (mop pads) not touching the carpets. Image: Athina Mallis/Gizmodo Australia

The Clean

Now where the rubber hits the road, or should I say mop pads hit the hardwood? You are given some cleaning presets like a ‘full house clean’ or ‘post-meal clean’, which can be altered to suit your needs. 

On the app, you can change the type of suction on the vacuum, you can switch between quiet, standard, turbo and max; you can change the type of clean; if you want vacuum, mop, or both; and how much water you want to use. 

I opted for a full home deep clean, to test this bad girl out. Oh, I forgot to mention, my housemate and I named her Enza because we already have a robovac named Enzo. 

The full house deep clean took a few hours but Enza needed to retreat to home base (its charging dock) several times for a water refill, mop clean and even a charge. But that didn’t bother me.

One thing, I will point out is that throughout the two-hour clean, our girl Enza when going back to clean the mops also had to empty the dust bin which is one of the loudest sounds I’ve ever heard. Imagine a plane taking off in your lounge or ten MacBook Pros heating up simultaneously.

I was fascinated by the Eufy recognising it was on the carpet and immediately stopping the mop. Sometimes it got confused but for the most part, it knew what surface it was on. 

It was also adaptive to its surroundings, so during the pre-clean mapping phase, there were some additional shoes and rubbish in the way, which we removed and the Eufy updated the map as it entered this new territory.

Image: Athina Mallis/Gizmodo Australia

The Outcome

The clean itself was thorough for a robovac, there were still some parts that it missed due to cables and shoes in the way. But I was impressed with the job it did. Two hours for a deep clean by a robot, is two hours gained by me.

Because it avoided cables and other various items on the floor, there were some places it avoided which meant I had to manually clean myself.

For someone who didn’t want to leave the couch or move anything to ensure a good clean, it did what I didn’t want to do, which is always a win.

The Price

For a robovac that is intuitive, AI-driven and knows its way around the house, you will be paying a pretty penny, $1700 to be exact. Well, it’s $1,699. That is one of the most frustrating things about robovacs, if you want a good piece of tech you’ll be forking out at least $1k to get a good job. And a decent Dyson stick vac now retails under that and everyone knows how good a Dyson is. So perhaps you’re paying for the being lazy part, which in my opinion is priceless.

Image: Athina Mallis/Gizmodo Australia

The Verdict: Eufy X10 Pro Omni

If you have $1700 to drop on a robovac, drop it on the Eufy X10 Pro. This device completed its mission and made my life easier. It cleans quite efficiently and if you too like me are in no mood to clean, this does the job of a human. 

Mission status: Completed

Image: Athina Mallis/Gizmodo Australia

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