Furiosa Doesn’t Require You Rewatch Mad Max: Fury Road, But…

Furiosa Doesn’t Require You Rewatch Mad Max: Fury Road, But…

In case you missed it, we highly recommend you go check out Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga this week. We’ve seen it, we loved it, we’ve been covering the crap out of it, and if you’re as excited as we were for it, we think you’ll be happy.

One question that might come up in the next few days, though, is do you need to rewatch Mad Max: Fury Road before seeing Furiosa? The answer is 100% no. With Furiosa being set before the events of Fury Road, you don’t need to rewatch it to remember anything. You can just go in and enjoy.

And yet, why would you NOT want to rewatch Mad Max: Fury Road? That shit is amazing! And what better excuse to fire up the old Blu-ray or head over to Max than to reemerge yourself in George Miller’s Wasteland? Because, though it’s not in any way necessary to watch one before the other, you will find a deeper appreciation of Furiosa if you have Fury Road fresh in your mind.

How exactly? Well, it’s nice to have a baseline for everything that happens. To know when she meets Immortal Joe he’s not the savior she thinks he is. When she helps build a Big Rig, to know why it’s being retrofitted the way it is. And to know things like Gas Town and Bullet Town will play a role in the future because now you get to see them. So all of that is just a nice appetizer for the main course.

Then, without spoiling anything, Miller has also crafted Furiosa so if you didn’t watch Fury Road beforehand, or even if you did, you will immediately want to watch it again after. The two are basically one long film and it’s freaking rad.

So do you have to watch Mad Max: Fury Road before Furiosa? No. Should you, if you can? Absolutely yes. Let us know if you did it below. Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga hits theaters Friday, May 24.

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