What to Expect at Google’s I/O Tomorrow

What to Expect at Google’s I/O Tomorrow

Google has confirmed that its mid-year event, Google I/O 2024 is scheduled for early tomorrow morning. The developer-focused conference will explore the company’s new budget phone the Pixel 8a, Android 15, and maybe some other tech goodies Google might have in store.

Google’s I/O event, while also developer-focused, is usually a bit more chill, so let’s have a look and see what the search engine giant might have in store for us on May 14 (May 15 for us down under).

Google I/O 2024: Latest News and Updates

May 13

This will definitely most likely be an AI-focused event, according to The Verge, with punters expecting Gemini and major Android 15 updates. The trailer for the upcoming keynote promises: “innovation, breakthroughs and the latest news”. Check that out below:

May 10

As Google I/O comes closer and closer Google seems to be trickling out news before the big day. Earlier this week the Pixel 8a was unveiled and a small update to the Pixel Tablet was also revealed. Why Google is letting us know about their hardware updates is beyond us but one theory is that I/O is going to be more software-focused aka AI, so they may as well get all the hardware updates out the way before the big day.

When is Google I/O 2024?

Google I/O 2024 is currently scheduled for May 14 in the United States, so for Aussies It’ll take place bright and early on Wednesday, May 15 at 3 am. When you wake up, we will have all the announcements ready for you to read! Remember last year when we had to do a puzzle for Google to reveal the I/O date? Good times.

What will Google reveal at I/O 2024?

At Google I/O 2024, it is a software-heavy event (and AI heavy) so don’t expect its flagship Pixel phones to be unveiled. Google typically keeps its next-generation phones for its October event. Due to it being more software-adjacent, stuff like AI and Android typically take centre-stage, while the tech brought along usually includes stuff from the sidelines, like Google’s ‘A’ series, the Pixel 8a and maybe some accessories.

Android 15

No doubt Android 15 will be centre-stage in May. The new operating system will likely bring UI improvements and new features, but the specifics of which are yet to be announced. Android Authority reports that new in-app camera controls, a notification cooldown feature, a sensitive notifications feature, and lock screen widgets may be coming.

The Google Pixel 8a

Google typically reveals the budget ‘A’ device at I/O in the middle of the year but it decided to do so earlier this week. The ‘A’ series phone functions as a cheaper alternative to the flagship devices unveiled at the event in October. The Pixel 8a has been released but will hit the shelves on May 14, the day of I/O so we expect a bit more info during I/O.

Pixel Tablet

There won’t be a new Pixel Tablet this year, however, the current Pixel Tablet will have some changes to it. Announced earlier this week, Google revealed that the Pixel Tablet will be dockless. When you order the Pixel Tablet from Google, you’ll be given two options – the Pixel Tablet only, or the Pixel Tablet and Charging Speaker Dock. I’m sure we will learn more about this new update next Wednesday morning.

AI stuff

Google’s been going hard on AI features over the past year, and it made up quite a big part of I/O 2023. We’ll likely get more of this at I/O 2024.

Pixel Fold 2

In previous years, Google has revealed the Pixel Fold and the Pixel Tablet at I/O, and we’re fully expecting there to be another piece of tech on stage alongside the Pixel 8a. It may be the Pixel Fold 2, which has leaked, and we’re hopeful this one will come to Australia. A new pair of Pixel buds would be welcome, with the Pro unveiled in 2022.


This year we saw Apple release its Apple Vision Pro but will Google release its own VR/AR headset? Google has confirmed it is collaborating with Samsung and Qualcomm on a mixed-reality headset but whether that’s long-term or short-term is anyone’s bet. It would be great to see Google release something this year, but only time will tell.

Where is Google I/O held?

The developers conference is held in Mountain View, California. Google’s suite of executives like Sundar Pichai, Google’s CEO is set to take the stage and reveal the company’s latest developments and offerings.

What other Google events can we expect this year?

Google has two major events in a year, the first is the I/O event in May and the second is their Made by Google event in October. The Made by Google event is where it will release its new flagship phone the Pixel 9, its smartwatch, the Pixel Watch and other goodies like Pixel Buds.

Image: Gizmodo Australia

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