Google Got Donald Glover to Hype its AI Video Generation Tool

Google Got Donald Glover to Hype its AI Video Generation Tool

Google unveiled its new and updated suite of image, video and music AI generation tools early this morning during its Google I/O 2024 event.

VideoFX is the new addition to its generative media toolkit, joining ImageFX and MusicFX and to hawk its new product, Google got none other than actor Donald Glover, aka Childish Gambino to chat about how he uses VideoFX.

Donald?! Image: Google

What is VideoFX?

VideoFX is what Google says is a new experimental tool powered by Veo, Google DeepMind’s new generative video model. It’s designed to help support creatives through the storytelling journey.

The experimental tool also comes with a Storyboard mode that lets you iterate scene by scene and add music to your final video. Annoyingly, VideoFX is available in private preview starting in the U.S., but if you’re keen to give it a crack you can sign up to join the waitlist.

Veo, the generative video model allows 1080p video from text, image and video prompts. It can capture the details of instructions in different visual and cinematic styles. You can prompt for things like aerial footage or time-lapses and users can edit videos using additional prompts.

VideoFX uses the Veo tool to generate longer scenes and create storyboards.

Talking about the AI product, Glover says he’s been interested in AI for a couple of years. He said, “Everybody is going to become a director, and everybody should be a director”.


ImageFX while not new, is still fresh on the scene emerging in February and would be seen as a competitor to MidJourney. The new updates to the program this year include adding editing controls, which apparently has been a top feature request from the community.

It allows you to add, remove or change specific elements in your images by simply brushing over them.

ImageFX will also add Imagen 3, Google DeepMind’s AI generative image engine which Google says will unlock more photorealism with “richer details and fewer visual artifacts, and more accurate text rendering”. Imagen3 can only be accessed by signing up to a waitlist.


MusicFX, Google’s AI-generated music tool has released its new DJ Mode, which helps users mix beats by combining genres and instruments. You can try it out here if you’re interested.

Google said all of the content produced from VideoFX, ImageFX and MusicFX is digitally watermarked with SynthID, the company’s way to detect and identify AI-generated content.

Learn more about Google I/O 2024 announcements here.

Image: Google

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