How to Watch OpenAI’s Next ChatGPT Update

How to Watch OpenAI’s Next ChatGPT Update

OpenAI will livestream updates to ChatGPT and GPT-4 on Monday at 1 p.m. ET (3am Tuesday Morning AEST). In a Friday tweet, CEO Sam Altman rejected several reports that OpenAI is launching a search engine or GPT-5 at the event. However, Altman announced something that “feels like magic” is coming to ChatGPT.


The surprise OpenAI event on Monday will occur one day before Google I/O, which is expected to be full of AI-related updates. The timing is almost definitely not coincidental and could be an attempt to undercut Google’s announcements. Monday will also be the first OpenAI event around an update to GPT-4 and ChatGPT in roughly six months when the company launched GPT-4 Turbo at Dev Day.

To watch the event, you can head to OpenAI’s homepage at 1 p.m. ET on Monday, May 13, where you can expect to learn about updates to the world’s most popular AI model. The event is expected to run for roughly an hour.

There’s been great speculation about what OpenAI will release on Monday. While Altman says to not get your hopes up for a search engine or GPT-5, there are plenty of other rumors circulating about the show.

Many expect this event has something to do with the gpt2-chatbots that Altman has been teasing for the last month. Some speculate OpenAI could be unveiling a smaller AI model, similar to Anthropic’s Claude 3 Haiku, built for simpler queries.

Altman previously told a Harvard audience these anonymous chatbots, which have captivated the AI community with their GPT-4 level capabilities, are not GPT-5. He did, however, not rule out that OpenAI was behind them. OpenAI has not responded to Gizmodo’s repeated questions about the gpt2-chatbots for weeks.

Reuters previously reported that this event was about a search product to compete with Google and Perplexity. The Information also reported that OpenAI is readying a search product, and The Verge reported that OpenAI is aggressively poaching Google employees for a team that is hoping to ship a product soon. Others have guessed that GPT-5 would be coming soon, but it looks like we’re getting something else.

OpenAI’s event will undoubtedly amplify the battle between two of the most funded AI companies on Earth. Google faces intense pressure to step up its Gemini family of AI models. To make matters worse, Google and OpenAI are both reportedly in talks with Apple to power an AI chatbot in the next iPhone. This summer is quickly shaping up to be the next hottest leg of the AI race.

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